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Blue Sky is focusing its uranium exploration efforts on southern Argentina. The Company believes that the region is underexplored, with excellent potential for near-surface uranium resources with rapid low-cost development potential. The new Federal Government has made public its support for the development of a domestic uranium supply to support the plans for expanding the nuclear energy capacity of the country. The World Nuclear Association reports that:

  • Argentina has three nuclear reactors generating about one-tenth of its electricity.
  • Its first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1974.
  • The construction of two additional reactors is planned.
  • Construction has started on a small locally-designed power reactor prototype.

The Company has assembled a 3,500 km2 (350,000 ha) land package in Rio Negro and Chubut provinces of Argentina, making the Blue Sky one of the largest uranium project holders in the Country.

Blue Sky’s uranium projects were selected with the assistance of Dr. Jorge Berizzo for their potential to host economic uranium deposits. Dr. Berizzo has extensive experience in uranium exploration and production obtained as a senior exploration geologist, and later as mine manager, for the Argentinean National Atomic Energy Commission ("CNEA"), as well as privately owned companies. Dr. Berizzo also played a leading role in the discovery of the Cerro Solo uranium deposit in Chubut province, Argentina.


Rio Negro Province

In the province of Rio Negro, there is broad support and experience with the nuclear energy industry. The province has a research nuclear reactor and a heavy water fuel plant, and provides incentives to the mining industry for uranium.

This province was the primary focus of exploration efforts in the last decade due to its high potential for new uranium discoveries. The emphasis of the Company's exploration is in the newly delineated Amarillo Grande Project, where the properties controlled by Blue Sky define the main exploration corridor of the District. The initial exploration efforts were positive and warrant detailed follow up programs.


Chubut Province

Situated directly south of Rio Negro, Chubut hosts advanced uranium deposits, however none are currently in production and the provincial government has enacted restrictions against open-pit mining. The Company’s projects in this area, Sierra Colonia, Tierras Coloradas, and Cerro Parva are located in similar geologic environments to CNEA’s Cerro Solo uranium deposit. CNEA is developing feasibility studies for the planned mining of Cerro Solo starting in 2018. ( source: World Nuclear Association Jul 2016).